Quality Enhancement Cell - Objectives


To systematize setup of quality assurance model initiation at the Ghazi University with a set of standards, policies and practices to fulfill revolutionary and innovative academic demands to compete national and international level.


To enhance quality in both teaching and learning fields in an effective measurable way at all level of studies to develop the quality skills in all departments of Ghazi University to meet the challenges of all kinds of education across the globe. To promote research based teaching and learning to find the new dimensions of science and technology. To Bridge the gap between HEC and the University to develop a Model Quality Assurance setup


  • To introduce “Self Assessment culture” at Ghazi university as prescribed by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to evaluate, visualize, analyze and implement skills at all levels of studies
  • To say welcome and adopt all types of scientific and technological advancement emerging across the globe
  • To set measurable standards of Quality Assurance to develop individual’s and group’s practices for both teachers and students
  • To introduce and promote self and systematic academic audit
  • To seek affiliation and collaboration/accreditation with high rank and recognized national and international agencies
  • To establish Joint venture, twinning and collaborative projects with national and international Universities
  • To establish a system to utilize available infrastructure in a productive manner and along with this, discover needs of additional one to get quality results of teaching and learning
  • To utilize the available resources in a uniform way to get more benefits from the same
  • To introduce and develop quality examination standards to ensure transparent results